Want the best possible sound from your Audio Hi-Fi system? Then the accessories that we have to offer you will take your Hi-Fi system to where it has never been before, your Hi-Fi never sounded so good!

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  • RCA plugs

    At Eden Audio we carry a very select range of RCA plugs, the simple reason for this is that believe the Oyaide and KLEI offer the best sounding RCA plugs money can buy.

    Oyaide RCA plugs

    if you want the best possible sounding plugs then your looking in the right place, the benefit of high quality plugs is easy to hear. You'll notice  a far more precise stereo image, better focus, clarity and precision in the sound

  • Connectors and Plugs

    Audiophile grade plugs

  • Mains Blocks

    High quality mains blocks to connect your Hi-Fi components to.

  • Tweaks

    Tune your hifi with this little tweaks!

  • Turntable Accessories

    Tune your turntable with our fine selection of tweaks.

  • Cable Sleeving

    High quality cable sheaving

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Showing 1 - 16 of 64 items
Showing 1 - 16 of 64 items