Your cables are the final link to fine tunning the sound of your Hi-Fi system, at Eden Audio we have a stunning selection of cables such as speaker cables, interconnects and powercords etc, we carry top brands such as Oyaide, Acoustic Revive and the amazing value for money Purefonics.

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  • DIY cables

    Make your own cables with our excellent choice of do it yourself cables.

  • Speaker cables

    Quality speaker cables are the final part of the chain in your Hi-Fi system, so give your Hi-Fi system the cables they deserve, we have something for everyone here at Eden Audio, all prices and budgets are covered.

     Oyaide tunami nigo

  • Digital Cables

    Make the right connection with our choice of superb digital cables.

  • USB Cables

    With computer audio now becoming very popular you're going to need a high quality USB cable, take a look at our excellent ranges from MPS, Oyaide.

  • Analogue Cables

    These cables can really fine tune your HiFi system, we offer some of the best analogue cables money can buy, take a look.

  • Power Cords

    Take a peep at our stunning range of power cords, these we believe will improve your listening pleasure. We carry top brands such as Oyaide, Acoustic Revive, KLEI, Purefonics.

    Oyaide Tunami

  • Headphone cables

    Cables for Headphones

  • LAN Cables
  • Subwoofer cables

    Subwoofer cables from Eden Audio

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Showing 1 - 16 of 89 items
Showing 1 - 16 of 89 items