Acoustic Revive HQ-4 Hickory insulators set of 4

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These Acoustic Revive Hickory isolators are 1deal for placing under CD player, loudspeakers etc, sold in sets of 4

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The Acoustic Revive HQ-4 insulators are very effective in isolating your Hi-Fi equipment.

   Yet more goodies to tempt us with arrive from Acoustic Revive. Of late quite a number of Acoustic Revive products employ Hickory wood, Acoustic Revive have chosen to use this wood because of it's acoustic effects. Now Acoustic revive present to us these set of 4 Hickory isolators. All you need to do is place them under your gear, such as CD players, amplifiers, and even your loudspeakers. Hickory is used for high-quality drumstick etc, and HQ-4 is cube insulator made by such expensive wood.

Unlike other woods, Hickory does not add unnecessary sound and distortion. Since HQ-4 is small, it is suitable for not only audio equipment but also small network equipment such as router and NAS, or power distributor and cable insulator. Materials: Hickory, natural beewax coating Dimensions: 20mm x 20mm x 20mm