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JohnBlue M3 Satellite wideband speakers set of 3



These really are little crackers, small in size.full range drivers result in fast punchy sound, ideal for movies and videos games. Just  1 set of 3 units remaining

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M3 is the most recent fullrange home theater speaker unveiled by JohnBlue in 2010. It encompasses the design concept of 3-inch full-range speaker to carry through a perfect mix with music、movies、PS3 games and television sound effects.
Users generally have the conceptions that fullrange systems are rarely used in the home theater. Why johnblue insist on using fullragne? It is because a fullrange driver has a high efficiency rating and strong ability for regeneration in minute parts. Therefore、even an AV surround sound amplifier can drive M3 easily. There is no need to engage in complex processes or add any other power amplifier. Further with the satellite speaker design concept to use alone the fullrange driver、it is unlike most speakers with tweeter mid-range and woofer drivers together in a cabinet. A 3-way loudspeaker may produce resonance to cause sound pollution that prevents you from obtaining a sound image of high precision. To solve the contradiction among tweeter、 mid-range and woofer、the best choice is to follow the satellite speaker system by placing the tweeter and mid-range drivers in a small cabinet to avoid sound pollution and diffraction and making the bass driver an active subwoofer to maximize the bass output. JohnBlue M3 using the unique material of neodymium magnet is able to provide you with high quality sound of low distortion、high density、great sound pressure and penetrating power and high definition、bring you explosive Blu-ray sound effect or sound and lighting environment effect of PS3 game. Using 5 pieces of M3 or 7 pieces of M3 together will let your home theater system achieve consistent sound quality and equal sound fields as well you are able to identify clearly where the sound comes from、even you can feel the sound moving lively.
M3 is an almost cube of 105 x 105 x 105mm. The cabinet is made of high density fiberboard in 12mm thickness. To avoid unnecessary reflection in the dark when watching a movie、the surfaces of cabinet are with flat black paint. A M3 cabinet can only accommodate a 3 inch fullrange driver which has almost the same width as that of the cabinet. It looks small and cute to keep the diffraction wave from reflecting on the front side of the speaker. Limited by the sealed box and space、 the M3 low frequency extension is probably 120Hz ~ 100Hz only. To obtain its maximum effect、the system has to be equipped with an active subwoofer. As to the size of active subwoofer、it depends on your individual circumstances.
Though M3 is a small speaker of JB Theater Series、there is no compromise in material. M3 positive terminal wire by using φ1.0 x 1 plating silver、negative terminal wire by using φ1.0 x 1 OFC cable to transfer energy and filling the cabinet with damping material to reduce vibration. The backplane connectors are gold-plated ones that are developed by JohnBlue. The thoughtful we also have two M4 threaded inserts fitted onto the back of the cabinet. By using the suitable bracket、you can easily mount the speaker on the wall without having to worry about drilling and damaging the cabinet.
Writer using M3 7.1 together with Integra DTR-30.1 Blu-ray amplifier 、Sony PS3、 12 inch subwoofer to play game or watch Blu-ray movies in a room about 26 square meters. If you do not want to use the all-in-one system that does not have energy and power of explosive special effects, try M3~、you will make comments such as “Wow、the sound!” or “I've never heard sound like that anywhere.
Efficiency : 87dB
Impedance : 4 Ohms
Max power : 5-200 W
Dimensions H x W x D : 105x105x105 mm
Weight : 700g/pcs

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JohnBlue M3 Satellite wideband speakers set of 3

JohnBlue M3 Satellite wideband speakers set of 3


JohnBlue loudspeakers produce a clear, sweet pure sound, with their sleek design and stunning sound quality, there's really not much to dislike.


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