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Oyaide HSR-AG Silver Headshell Cartridge tags

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Superb quality silver headshell tags from Oyaide.

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Shell lead wire (HSR-AG)

0.2mm 5N pure silver wires are manufactured by advanced manufacturing processes such as continuous casting process in high-frequency electric furnace, cold rolling process, annealing operation and drawing process. They are stranded in seven lines to insure enough cross-sectional area and minimize its conductor resistance.

The employment of double layered silk covering insulator realizes clean signal transmission without static electrical charge. Although resinic materials such as PVC or Teflon are easy to be negatively charged, in contrast, silk has electric resistivity to static charge and excellent electrical characteristic. Moreover, the glass fiber sleeve also has high insulation property and resistance to electrical static charge.

The rhodium plated lead tip is made of phosphor bronze and enhances degree of adhesion with contact pins.

Specification HSR-AG

Conductor 5N Pure Silver  
Insulation Double Slik-Covering, Glass Sleeve  
Lead Tip  Deoxidized Phosphor Bronze, Rhodium Plating  
Length 42mm, Set of 4 Wires