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Oyaide MWA-100 S Powdered Sendust Alloy Sheet



Oyaide MWA-100 S Powdered Sendust Alloy Sheet

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Oyaide MWA-100 S Powdered Sendust Alloy Sheet

Noise-canceling electromagnetic wave absorber
The environment surrounding audio equipments can be said always a battle against a noise. For example, digital electronics such as a CD player, a TV, a BD recorder, and a PC generate wideband electromagnetic noise due to their motor and switching circuit. And, by power supply circuit, a general AV equipment generates commutation noise which affects a whole system by transmitting power and signal path. Furthermore, such noise content deteriorates S/N ratio and resolution of audio and ruins sharpness and vividness of visual. Although we had formally produced the manganese electromagnetic wave absorber, "MSI-30 series", we have started developing a new model for offering further technical advantages. The concepts we emphasized are the effective audio denoising and maintaining vividness and realistic of sound /visual.

In developing, we focused on "Sendust alloy" which doesn't exert a bad influence to the quality and has strong noise absorbing property. And it has been regarded as a material which is expensive and difficult to be processed and powderized. By cooperation with a highly-skilled manufacturer, we achieved processing sendust alloy to the rounded powder which has strong electromagnetic wave absorbing property. The powered-up "MWA series" shut out noise content from your equipments or cables and contribute to actualize clear and lively sound/visual projection.

Flatted powder of sendust alloy system
The "Sendust alloy" which doesn't exert a bad influence to sound and visual and has strong noise absorption property is employed for the material of MWA series. "Sendust alloy" which was developed in 1930's is a domestically-produced alloy composed by Al, Fe and SiO2. We achieved to convert the sendust alloy to the flatted powder which has excellent electromagnetic wave property and retain insulation property by forming protective oxide coating.

Noise absorption effect
By pasting to where noise generates, it achieves excellent noise cancelling effect and improves S/N ratio and resolution. For visual, image will be sharply-defined and it achieves vivid color reproduction.

Polyethylene special rubber
As the base material which fulfill sendust alloy evenly and closely, polyethylene special rubber is employed. Furthermore, by orientationally-fixed flatted powder, the layer of polyethylene special rubber obtained maximum electromagnetic wave absorbing property.

Various lineups for various applications
Under the assumption that various needs and application, we prepared 0.3mm sheet (A4, A5, A6 sizes), 1.0mm thick sheet and 0.1mm tape. Sheets can be effective only by putting on the AV board or under the equipments. The tape can be pasted around the cables and the plugs.

Widespread application
The MWA series are effective when they are pasted to place where noise generates. And we recommend for plugs of power and signal, wall outlet and wall plate. They can be used for PCs, harddrives, modems, recording equipments and musical instruments.

Flexible cutting workability
MWA series can be cut easily by scissors and be pasted on the various surfaces. Since a polyethylene special rubber combines tension strength, flexibility and workability, it maintains long-run adhesiveness. The surface of MWA is dark silver color which is not too eye-catching when it is pasted on the equipments.

RoHS compliat
The content of the environmental load material (such as lead, mercury, hexavalent chrome and cadmium) is set less than measurement limit. The MWA series are RoHS compliant.

Safety design due to its flame resistance
The MWA series have UL94V-0 flame resistance (UL File No.188467) for safety reasons.


Absorbing Material
Flatted metaric powder of sendust alloy system (Al・Fe・SiO2) Oxide layer on the powder surface
Base Material Special rubber of polyethylene system
Sticky side with paper liner
Operating temperature limit: -20〜90℃ Volume resistivity 5×106 Ω・cm Tensile strength 6.0MPa Flame resistance
UL94V-0(UL File No.188467) Model Size

MWA-100 S (1.0mm×105mm×165mm)

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Oyaide MWA-100 S Powdered Sendust Alloy Sheet

Oyaide MWA-100 S Powdered Sendust Alloy Sheet


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