Oyaide FTL-PP Paladium & Platinum Fastons set of 4 Expand

Oyaide FTL-PP Paladium & Platinum Fastons set of 4



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Solder-less Terminal for Audio cabling. This terminal has strong gripping force to the electrode and the other party with the excellent convenience. Easily detachable pin flat type terminal has long been used widely to connect wiring of electronic equipment. Oyaide pays attention to convenience of this solder-less terminal. Commercialization of Oyaide PowerInlet R, IEC inlet that can be fitted with this easily detachable solder-less terminal made Oyaide revaluate convenience of solder-less terminals that have been overlooked in conventional audio craft.Oyaide FT Series terminals for audio cabling.

Processed with precision punching and bending, andOyaide's double-coated plate finish.Variations come in 3 types FTL-G with nickel +24 K Gold, FTL-SR with silver + rhodium, FTL-PP with platinum + palladium.Not only improve the usability of PowerInlet R, FT Series also can be widely used for variety of wirings such as internal wiring to the speaker unit, quality improvement inside audio equipments, guitar amps. With this terminal your audio DIY world will be much more fulfilled. PowerInlet R and FTL-G Features Three types to choose by desired sound tone. This copper alloy terminal is processed with precision punching and bending, and Oyaide's double-coated plate finish.

A wide range of applications, such as internal wiring IEC inlet connection, speaker units, audio equipment, guitar amps F6.35 (thickness 0.8 mm, width 6.35 mm) is suitable for applications such as the following:

For those looking for high-quality terminals for connection to the internal wiring of the speaker unit and the IEC inlet.

For those who want to further improve usability and sound quality of "PowerInlet R". For quality improvement of flat pins in the guitar and amps or the audio equipment. For those who want to eliminate as much as possible the soldering of wiring route

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Oyaide FTL-PP Paladium & Platinum Fastons set of 4

Oyaide FTL-PP Paladium & Platinum Fastons set of 4


Oyaide have gained a great reputation due to the quality of their products, from high quality audio cables to all types of different accessories, when you buy from Oyaide you know you're getting quality.


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