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Oyaide P3.5 AP Gold & Palladium Stereo Mini Plug



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In anticipation of the portable audio boom that was coming, Oyaide fully developed their 3.5 stereo mini plugs in 2009. With JAPAN MADE craftsmanship shining through with high quality and variations of gold plating and silver plus rhodium plating, Oyaide had the position as a top manufacturer of high-end mini plugs.

After that, develop mini plug variations that meet user needs. Oyaide continued to offer our own enjoyment to the world's audio fans by not only adopting it to our own headphone cable, but also OEM supply and even plug sale.

Oyaide Electric, which has proposed about the difference in sound due to plating, commercializes two-layer combination plating with rare precious metals such as gold + palladium and platinum + palladium with power plugs, outlets, etc. We are already highly evaluated in the market. Based on this achievement 2 years ago, we tried and sold the stereo mini plug of gold + palladium, platinum + palladium plating, repeatedly conducting user research, many reactions that it is an unprecedented attractive tone, and in the summer of 2016, P - 3.5AP / P - 3.5PP will be officially debuted.

P-3.5AP and P-3.5PP are new versions of the 3.5 mini plug series of Oyaide Electric. P-3.5AP adopts 2-layer combination plating with 24K gold + palladium for contact pin and platinum + palladium for P-3.5PP. Pin and outer shell are precision brass shaved out. All dimensions are managed with accuracy conforming to JIS standard, and boasts high reliability.

P - 3.5AP is a smooth high - frequency region in a dense middle - low region. The depth feeling of individual instruments is more clearly drawn out, and the glossiness of the vocal character stands out beautifully. The P-3.5PP is a wide range, and it features a dynamic sound that damps well. P-3.5AP has red insulating resin and P-3.5PP green, so consideration of usability makes it easy to distinguish even if both are mixed. P-3.5AP and P-3.5PP make the enjoyment of homebrew cables even more extensive.

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Oyaide P3.5 AP Gold & Palladium Stereo Mini Plug

Oyaide P3.5 AP Gold & Palladium Stereo Mini Plug


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