Purefonics RPIEC Rhodium Plated IEC plug Expand

Purefonics RPIEC Rhodium Plated IEC plug

Purefonics Purefonics


Purefonics presents their new audiophile grade IEC, please note these plugs are Rhodium plating over copper not the normal brass found in many plugs, the benefits of copper are far greater conductivity.

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Inner metal materials: High quality pure copper. The electrical conductivity of pure copper is much better than brass. The pure copper is the best conductive material for audio apllications.

Plating: Rhodium. After plating, the electrical conductivity is excellent.

On the other hand, the oxidation performance becomes far superior superior. It also makes the product look high grade of a high quality deserving of the best Hi-Fi systems.

Body materials: 100% new PA66. This kind of material is with prefect high-temperature resistant and impact resistant characteristics. The surface is spark eroded finished, so it can prevent the product sliding when using.

Standards Certificate︰ CE Specifications︰ Power audio plugs Current: 15A Voltage: 125V-250V Temperature: -15 to 100 degrees Celsius

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Purefonics RPIEC Rhodium Plated IEC plug

Purefonics RPIEC Rhodium Plated IEC plug



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