MPS M9R 6N OCC rhodium plated analogue cable - 1 metre pair

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Take a look at this superb value for money MPS Cable. Using the superior OCC copper, resulting in  better conductivity and a better Hi-Fi sound. 


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M-9 - MPS launched this cable in 2016. The M series was MPS flagship model at that time , M-9 with a single crystal copper as the main material, the internal use of a variety of different thickness of copper wire to do twisted. Insulation used the best insulating material, Teflon. Teflon with high temperature, salt and alkali resistance and very high insulation shielding effect is in addition to the air outside the best insulation material. M-9 using a six-stranded independent stranded design plus shielding network is also the use of single crystal copper as the material, the material can be used as the best raw materials at this stage.

M-9G's real sense of hearing can be very obvious to hear the high sound quality purity, clear and delicate but not sharp treble performance and the separation is very high and open sound field, deep and solid bass performance. With Genesis rhodium head in a variety of music performance is even more noble and gorgeous.