Kralk Audio BC-30 Mk2 Expand

Kralk Audio BC-30 Mk2 with PWS Stands ex demo


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BC-30 Mk2 Our entry level bookshelf/stand mounted speaker, small in size big on sound. Every pair hand built and matched for maximum performance and listening pleasure, the infinite baffle design delivers clean bass and excellent stereo imaging with a silky smooth top end.

The BC-30 has been in continuous production for over 5 years, and in that time it has undergone many cosmetic changes.

With the new Mk2 version we have listened to what our customers want from a speaker.

Starting with the cabinet, we have made it slightly bigger by almost 2 litres and have added extra internal bracing and damping, the front internal baffle gets the new Iso-cone decoupling technology which isolates the baffle from the rest of the speaker cabinet and provides extra damping in this crucial area (as used in our top of the range KA2 Loudspeaker)

New internal damping foam takes care of the unwanted standing waves in this true infinite baffle design.

The crossover and terminals get a new look too, all new 12db Bessel design fully point to point hard wired, featuring MKP 3% capacitors and 3% wire wound air core inductors, no printed circuit board is used in the design so there is nothing to degrade the signal path between the components, tailored response curve to suit stand mounted use the new crossover takes the design to a new level.

The rear connection terminals are silver plated copper and will take banana plugs or bare wire up to 4mm diameter all mounted on new laser cut stainless steel etched terminal plates. All new internal cabling provided by The Missing Link cables, their twin-lead Slingshot twisted is a real game changer and is fitted to every model in our range.

The drive units, new tweeter design features extended range up to 40,000Khz, silver lead wires and internal damping chamber and extended on and off axis response for a wider sweet spot area,

The unit is mounted with new low diffraction screws to further aid sound quality.

The bass 135mm driver has also been upgraded and now features silver lead wires and new chassis damping ring and doped paper cone, Improved thicker black acrylic baffle is now bonded onto the internal baffle which gives improved damping and cleaner sound. The sound quality of the new speaker is more refined than the original version, it has a smoother treble response and wider sweet spot area to give a truly room filling stereo image with excellent front to back perspective and 3D imaging.

The extra bass output due to the larger cabinet and crossover design ensures the speakers perform well in all room positions, extra bass can still be provided with the addition of the PAW stand as with the older version of the BC-30,

We have taken the new speaker to a new high end level with the higher powered more extended range drivers and as such the speakers never sound compressed or stretched in their ability to produce life like sound levels from the tiny cabinet, indeed the BC-30mk2 fools you into thinking you are listening to a much larger speaker than you are and the classic timeless design fits into most room settings with its range of real wood furniture grade veneers they are sure not to look out of place.

Recommended power : 10-80 watts

Sensitivity : 90db 1w 1m

Frequency Response : 50Hz-20Khz

Impedance : 8 Ohms

Size : 298mm x 185mm x 185mm (hwd)

Weight : 5.5 kg (each)

Front Covers : Black cloth with magnetic fasteners

Shipping carton size : 45cm x 35cm x 25cm

Gross Weight : 13kg

Available in various woods : Light Oak Black Ash Sapelle Walnut Cherry

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Kralk Audio BC-30 Mk2 with PWS Stands ex demo

Kralk Audio BC-30 Mk2 with PWS Stands ex demo



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