DH- Labs Silver Sonic Revelation - 1 metre pair Expand

DH-Labs Silver Sonic Revelation - 1 metre pair

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  • Just take a look at these pure silver analogue interconnects from DH-Labs, these really are a sonic revelation at a very affordable price, don't delay, order your pair today!!
  • Price is for a 1 metre pair
  • Pure Silver
  • Made in the USA

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DH-Labs Silver Sonic Revelation Interconnect cable, 1.0 m RCA

Silver Sonic Revelation Interconnect cable “The Revelation interconnects and Q-10 speaker cables excel at delineation and dynamics. Three dollar signs for value; put them on your audition list.”

- John Marks, Stereophile

DH-Labs Revelation:

Color: Blue (RCA version) or Red (XLR version)

Diameter: 6.5 mm

Connectors: DH Labs Ultimate RCA plug

The foundation of sound reproduction is based upon using the finest materials in a way to capture their best performance. The secret of DH Labs 20 year success story is a deeper passion and understanding of how a perfect cable should perform (minus all of the promotional gimmicks). Enter "The Revelation"....

Six Pure Silver conductors in an interleaved helical array. Each conductor is individually insulated in an air-spaced, tape wrapped version of our exclusive Air Matrix dielectric. The result is a revelation offering "stunning dynamics", and more involvement with your music.

The cable is covered with with an attractive woven fiber jacket and meticulously hand terminated with our finest connectors. Supplied in wooden box. Many worthy manufacturers would classify such a combination of materials and construction as a "COST-NO-OBJECT statement product".

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