Aurelia Aniara Price for a pair Expand

Aurelia Aniara Price for a pair

Aurelia Aurelia


Aurelia has come up with something really speaker for fans of high end desk top loudspeakers. Available in Black or White these offer offer superb musical insight for a very attractive price. A class leading performance the deserves serious attention

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Aurelia Aniara is a really compact but powerful loudspeaker. Great bass response is combined with a punchy, agile sound and wide stereo image. These characteristics make Aniara the ideal choice for a small stereo setup or surround speaker. In addition to the traditional stand mounting, Aniara has been designed to be used on TV-tables to enhance the sound quality of your flat-screen TV.

Aurelia Aniara sets a new standard in the sound quality for loudspeakers of its size. Aniara’s charming sound, smart shape and various finishing options make it an unbeatable entity.

Aniara sits naturally to your workspace and living room. It also qualifies excellently as a small studio monitor. Aniara’s enclosure design is based on unique, clear-cut Scandinavian design and the laws of acoustics have been taken into account in every detail.

The double-curved surfaces of the loudspeaker enclosure provide natural profile rigidity, while the slightly tapered shape minimizes the occurrence of standing waves inside the loudspeaker. Aniara’s backplate features a handy 1/4” thread for wall or ceiling mounting.

The DDC-woofer of our own design produces a deep and powerful bass with incredibly low reproduction concerning the size of the enclosure. The ECW- tweeter creates a bright and clear high frequencies and pure midrange, which integrates seamlessly with the bass. Aniara’s reproduction is punchy, dynamic and integrated. Regarding its size, the soundstage of Aniara is in class of its own.

Design Two-way bass reflex

Drive units 4” DDC-bass unit

1” titan, ECW-waveguide


2000 Hz


6 ohms


85 dB

Frequency range

55 – 20 000 hz

Amplifier requirements

15 – 100 W

Dimensions H x D x W / Weight

242 x 208 x 132 mm / 3 kg

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Aurelia Aniara Price for a pair

Aurelia Aniara Price for a pair


Aurelia are a Finish manufacturer of to put it quite simply outstanding quality loudspeakers, if you wish to hear every last little detail, transparency and resolution that is on a whole new level then this brand are worthy of serious attention, from first class build quality and sonics that suit the most demanding of music lovers you owe it to yourself to check out this brand.


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