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Aurelia has come up with something really speaker for fans of high end desk top loudspeakers. These really are plug in a play of the highest quality. You'd be mad to miss out on these. Available in a choice of finishes.

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Aurelia Aniara DSPe is the enhanced version of Aurelia Aniara DSP. Its implementation is based on cutting edge digital technology. Aniara DSPe is the only loudspeaker purely based on DSP-technology in its price point. Powerful 40W+40W D-Class amplifier guarantees dynamics and punch to also handle larger listening rooms.

Aniara DSPe has an automatic room correction. This allows you to put Aniara DSPe into challenging spaces for a loudspeaker such as a bookshelf without compromising the tone. You can listen to your favorite artists wirelessly via various streaming services available (Spotify, Tidal, Deezer, Youtube etc.) by using a separate Bluetooth dongle. In addition, there are controls for treble, bass and level in the back of the speakers.

The DDC-woofer of our own design produces a deep and powerful bass with incredibly low reproduction concerning the size of the enclosure. The ECW- tweeter creates a bright and clear high frequencies and pure midrange, which integrates seamlessly with the bass. Aniara DSPe’s reproduction is punchy, dynamic and integrated. Regarding its size, the soundstage of Aniara DSPe is in class of its own.

Aniara DSP is made utilizing environmentally friendly production processes. The enclosure is made of natural fibre composite which is made in Finland an is 100% recyclable material.

The properties of natural fibre composite are ideal for making a loudspeaker enclosure. The material, compared to ordinary plastics, allows the use of multiple material thicknesses and the composite’s vibration characteristics are superior in comparison. The electricity consumption is also considerably lower compared to more traditional amplifiers. These factors make Aurelia Aniara DSP truly ecological loudspeaker.

Aurelia Aniara DSP sets a new standard in the sound quality and features for small active loudspeakers.

Design Two-way bass reflex / Active

Drive units 4” DDC-bass unit

1” titan / ECW-waveguide

Amplifier unit D-Class / 40 W + 40 W

Crossover 2000 Hz

DSP digital filters

24-bit / 96 kHz DAC 24-bit / 192 kHz ADC

Frequency range 50 – 20 000 hz

Connections 1x RCA in / 1x RCA out 1x 3.5mm microphone jack 1x USB in

Dimensions H x D x W / Weight 1020 x 242 x 208 mm / 3 kg