aune X5s 6th anniversary 24bit/DSD Multi-Function Digital Audio Player Expand

aune X5s 6th anniversary 24bit/DSD Multi-Function Digital Audio Player


The new and improved version of this excellent little player, for those that want to listen to music without the need to turn on their PC.

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AUNE X5s 6th Anniversary - Multi-Function Digital Audio Player The X5s 6th Anniversary Edition is the third generation of the aune X5 series. With the freescale 600M processor, a hardware decoding system and the third generation FPGA asynchronous technology, it is a multi-functional digital music player / transport that purely focuses on sound quality. HARDWARE DECODING Decodes PCM and DSD based on hardware, up to 384k/DSD256. Supports CUE playback BRING OUT YOUR ACTIVE SPEAKERS' FULL POTENTIAL The line output enables the X5s to be connected to active speakers and thus build a HiFi system in your living room / study. It can bring out the full potential of your active speakers. AS A DIGITAL TRANSPORT WITH ULTRA LOW JITTER The AUNE self-developed algorithm FPGA outputs ultra low jitter digital signals (Coaxial / Optical / AES), as low as 237.6ps. Coaxial output supports DSD128 32bit/384k COAXIAL OUTPUT SUPPORTS 32bit/384k DSD128 The X5s 6th Anniversary Edition, which uses FPGA asynchronous technology, together with the X8 DAC (uses self-developed algorithm FPGA) or the S6 Pro DAC/Headphone Amplifier, can build a small music player system that can achieve DSD128 and 32bit/384k WITHOUT a computer.

CAPABLE AND FOCUSED With the pure underlying system that took six years to complete, the DAC part can decode music files more directly, and the reproduction is more accurate.

FULLY ISOLATED OUTPUT, ZERO INTERFERENCE Digital output uses professional fully isolated digital transformer, leading to purer digital signals with zero interference 3rd GEN FPGA Asynchronous Clock FIFO Technology ARM decodes music files directly and transmits the signals to the FPGA with ultra-low-jitter clocks to generate ultra-low-jitter signals. Thus, the ultra-low-jitter digital output is achieved, and every detail of the music file can be reproduced.

VARIABLE LINE OUT & FOUR FILTER MODES Variable line out selectable; four filter modes to choose from. There's always one for you.

SPECIFICATIONS --- DIGITAL OUTPUT THD+N: 16bit/44.1k (1kHz/0dB -98.25dB) 24bit/96k (1kHz/0dB -137.8dB) 24bit/192k (1kHz/0dB -141dB) JITTER: 237.6ps LINE OUTPUT: RCA OUTPUT LEVEL: 2.0Vrms FREQUENCY RESPONSE (20Hz~20kHz): ±0.5dB NOISE: 5.4uV THD+N: -101dB SUPPORTED FORMATS: WAV, WAV+CUE, FLAC, DSD, APE, ALAC, AAC, MP3 INPUT: SD Card (exFAT), USB Flash Drive, Portable Hard Drive (exFAT, maximum 2TB)

OUTPUT: DIGITAL OUTPUT: Coaxial / Optical / AES LINE OUTPUT: RCA ACCESSORIES: Power Adapter, Remote Control

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