Purefonics 'The Lullaby' Audiophile quality Mains power cable 150cm

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We've put together a right little stunner here with the lullaby, just like a child loves to hear a sweet little lullaby to relax to, the same can be said of this new Purefonics mains cable, it's so sweet and such a pleasure to listen to. Price is for 150cm length. Rhodium plated IEC plug inc!

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Our new highly affordable power cable sounds oh so sweet and enchanting, just as a little child loves a sweet lullaby before it sleeps, our new power cable has the same sweet effect on your listening pleasure, it helps you relax to your favorite tunes with it's beguiling tone.

150cm length

The mains cable is double shielded, foil and braid. The braided shield is attached to the earth at the wall plug to remove any noise picked up on the cable. The conductors are 2.5 mm2, OFC copper. Outside diameter is 11 mm. Mk duraplug's. Carbon colour Techflex. Rhodium iec's. I say. Perfect for digital equipment or any piece of equipment that isn't too power hungry.

A real steal of a cable, now you can't say that too often when it comes to quality cables in this day and age.

Please note that these cables are sold lose.

Assembled in the UK