Sonneteer Sedley MM / MC Phonostage

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The sublime Sonneteer Sedley has always been a firm favorite at Eden Audio for one simply reason and that is that the Sonneteer Sedly belies its price with it's sonic prowess, with battle ship built and superb sonics it really is a must. MM and MM inputs.

  • Adjustable MM/MC inputs
  • Superb open sound
  • Made in the UK

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Sonneteer Sedly

is a fully adjustable MM/MC phono stage that produces and open and airy sound, little wonder it is so popular amang music lovers.

Sitting between your record player and hifi system the Sonneteer Sedley brings life to your vinyl recordings.

Familiar to many as the ‘Phono’ input on your hifi, the Sedley takes this essential piece of electronics circuitry and places a very advanced version into its own, hifi separates, box.

The Sedley is a flexible, full-size phono stage that can be matched to almost any cartridge available via a series of dip-switches. HiFi World magazine called the Sedley "the one to beat" at its price level.

The award winning Sedley is now available with a USB connection. Originally designed to cope with both Moving Magnet and Moving Coil type cartridges offering a selection of load matching options to accommodate most of what the market has to offer, now the USB input/output allows the Sedley to be used to back up vinyl recordings onto a computer. It also allows these backed up files to be played back through the Sedley and hence through the hi-fi system.

The Sonneteer Sedley is the Winner of 2 Audio Excellence Awards from Japan (in its standard and USB formats) as well as being exceptionally well received by the hifi media and audiophile alike.

What HiFi bestowed a 5 star award upon it and Hifi World, amongst others, heaped further praise saying,

“On Tori Amos’ Little Earthquakes, for instance, her vocals were hauntingly pure; I just stopped taking notes and listened to the album all the way through” to quote but one of many.