Hana ML Low Output Moving Coil Cartridge Expand

Hana ML Low Output Moving Coil Cartridge

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Outstanding stereo cartridge for serious vinyl lovers.

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Hana ML Low Output Moving Coil Cartridge >P> M stands for Micro-line, the design of the nude diamond stylus tip used on this range of two cartridges, the ML (low output) and MH (high output).

In line with the Hana philosophy of offering highly musical cartridges at competitive prices, the ML and MH options are set to offer a great sound and great value for money. Low Output

Otherwise identical to the MH model, the high-purity copper wound coil in the ML delivers just 0.4mV per channel. The impedance is 8Ω and it is recommended to load it with an impedance of less than 100Ω. Hana M-Series

The Hana M Series cartridge bodies are made from black polyoxymethylene (POM) which is a very hard, extremely rigid and very strong thermoplastic Excel using a particular formulation of POM manufactured by DuPont that sells under the trademarked name ‘Delrin’. Both cartridges have nude Microline styluses and aluminium cantilevers. The shape of the nude Microline stylus, mimics that of the cutting stylus used in the cutting lathe and therefore fits precisely into the vinyl groove. Components

This enhanced tracking ability enables the Hana M Series cartridges to capture the most delicate musical details with better frequency resolution, channel balance and stereo imaging as well as lower distortion.’ Hana cartridge parts are manufactured for maximum performance and consistency then assembled by hand at the company’s facility in Yokohama, Japan. Several of the components used in the magnetic circuit including the front yoke, are cryogenically treated— a process Excel claims results in the creation of a more precise and controlled magnetic flux field that in turn enables greater linearity and more musical sound quality.

Stylus: Nude Microline Cantilever: Aluminium Magnet: Alnico Coil Wire: Very High Purity Copper Cartridge Housing/Base: POM/Brass Output Level: 0.2mV (ML) Output Level: 2.0mV (MH)

Channel Balance: <1dB/1kHz Rec. Tracking Force: 2g Trackability: 70µ/2g Compliance: 10×10-6 cm/dyne Channel Separation: 30dB @ 1kHz Frequency Range: 12Hz to 45kHz Impedance: 8Ω (ML) Impedance: 100Ω (MH)

Suggested Load Impedance: <100Ω (ML) Suggested Load Impedance: 47kΩ (MH)

Cartridge Weight: 9.5g Body Colour: Black

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