M2Tech Evo Clock Two Expand

M2Tech Evo Clock Two



Massively improve the sound of the M2Tech Digital to analogue converter with the Evo Clock

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The clock is a constant rate beat, often produced by resonating quartz crystals, that gives pace to the digital circuits.

When it comes to high audio performance, the quality of the clock in a digital hi-fi unit is overly important. Clock’s short-term unstability, also called “jitter”, affects sound in many ways, from the increase of distortion and noise floor to the blurring of the sound picture and the loss of fine details.

A very high precision clock is therefore mandatory to squeeze the last bit of sound quality out of your DAC or amplifier. Of course, a precision clock has a cost that’s way higher than that acceptable for budget designs.

That’s why M2Tech offers the Evo Clock Two: users who purchased the Evo DAC Two Plus, the Evo PhonoDAC Two or the hiFace Evo Two may later allocate some more budget to increase their performance by adding the Evo Clock Two.

Extremely easy to use, its benefits go from the increased soundstage sharpness and details rendition to a darker background due to the lower noise floor, to lower distortion.

An innovative “way back link” from the Evo Two units to the Evo Clock Two (implemented by an optical connection to avoide ground loops which affect the clock pureness) allows for automatic clock frequency switching every time a track with different sampling frequency from the previous one is presented to the Evo Two unit for transfer or conversion.

Do you want to buy this product? Visit our on-line shop or contact your local distributor. hiFace Two works great together with…

hiFace Evo Two or Evo DAC Two Plus or Evo PhonoDAC Two

…to go one step further in the search for highest audio performance.

Evo Supply Two

…to further increase its positive effects on the sound. Specifications

— — Input:

clock information (Toslink) Outputs: master clock (BNC) word clock (BNC)

Output voltage: 3.3Vpp (75 Ohms load)

Output impedance: 75 Ohms

Master clocks frequencies: 22.5792MHz 24.576MHz 10MHz

Word clocks frequencies: 32kHz 44.1kHz 48kHz 88.2kHz 96kHz 176.4kHz 192kHz 352.8kHz 384kHz

“Super” clocks frequencies: 5.6448MHz 6.144MHz 11.2896MHz 12.288MHz

Phase noise: -155dB (100kHz dev.)

Supply voltage: 7.5VDC to 12VDC

Current consumption: 300mA

Size: 105x100x46mm (wxdxh)

Weight: net 0.45kg (with ancillaries) gross 0.6g

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M2Tech Evo Clock Two

M2Tech Evo Clock Two


Fantastic sounding audiophile products from Italy that you just love the sound of, from DACs to phono stages to class D amplifier, m2tech have the product for you, to say we are impressed is an understatement.


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