NAGAOKA No. 102 Anti-static Record Sleeves Pack of 50 Expand

NAGAOKA No. 102 Anti-static Record Sleeves Pack of 50

Nagaoka Nagaoka


Eliminates static buildup  Made to the highest standards - Pack of 50 inner sleeves. This product is A the upgraded replacement for the famous Nagaoka Disc File 102 Record Sleeves known as the best sleeves out. They are anti static and very slippery which leave the record unharmed They have been designed to keep your records safe from scratches and dust that can occur from paper sleeves

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The ultra-sleek design will allow you to easily glide an LP into the tightest fitting jackets. These Are Identical to the original inner sleeves that came with japanese pressings during the 1980's. Completely static free & non-abrasive Inner sleeves are, over the years, liable to tear or accumulate dust on the inner surfaces and this could result in scratches on your valuable records. These sleeves are treated by a special static prevention process to eliminate static electricity. Quite simply, the ultimate record sleeve.

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