New Keces Audio S300 Power Amplifier Expand

Keces Audio S300 Power Amplifier

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The brand new top of the ranges keces amplifier deserves serious attention, real high end sound for a modest price.

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circle01.png 2 OZ Copper PCB for Power Layer, Ground Layer and Signal Layer to get high damping factor and get more sound quality.
circle01.png 130 watts x2 @ 8 ohm continuous output power / Maximum output power 240 watts x2 @ 8 ohm
circle01.png 225 watts x2 @ 4 ohm continuous output power / Maximum output power 300 watts x2 @ 4 ohm
circle01.png 410 watts x1 @ 8 ohm in bridge mode
circle01.png High bias Class A/AB operation
circle01.png 5 watts per channel of pure Class A power at high bias setting
circle01.png 45 amperes peak current per channel
circle01.png Stable with speaker impedance dips below 2 Ω
circle01.png Operation model selection: Stereo, Bi-Amp, Bridged
circle01.png Dual-mono design
circle01.png Direct-coupled signal path, no capacitors or inductors
circle01.png DC Servo and relay protection circuits
circle01.png JFET input stage, MOSFET driver stage
circle01.png 1.2 kVA toroid power transformer with independent secondary windings for each channel
circle01.png Independent power supplies for left & right channel input stages, driver. stages, output stages
circle01.png 65,600 µF Rubycon filter capacitors for output stages
circle01.png Automatic turn-on by 12 V trigger
circle01.png Neutrik locking XLR input connectors
circle01.png Heavy-duty 24K gold-plated RCA input jacks
circle01.png Heavy-duty 24k gold-plated 5-way speaker binding posts
circle01.png AC turn-on inrush surge protection
circle01.png Overload/Over Temperature Protection

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Keces Audio S300 Power Amplifier

Keces Audio S300 Power Amplifier


Improve the sound quality of your audio devices with the Keces Audio highly affordable range of Hi-Fi audiophile products. Offering tremendous bang for the buck you really will get so much good value for the sonics on offer here. Keces produce outstanding linear supplies, integrated amplifiers, pre amplifiers, power amplifiers that are capable of offering outstanding sound quality at extremely competitive price points, no wonder they are so hugely popular and fly of the shelves. Discover Keces Audio for yourself and take your hi-fi sound to the next level.


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