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Fantastic sound headphone amplifier, just add a DAC to enjoy superb quality headphone listening.

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Classic continue S7 Pro is an upgraded product of S7, which adopts the new second-generation APM ultra-low internal resistance output mode to optimize the overall tuning

S7 Pro use the second generation AMP output module The driving ability is stronger, the atmosphere is better, the low-frequency sound performance is more stable, which is more warm, delicate and loose.

Full balance, high sound quality, big drive ability The S7 Pro is aune S7's second-generation fully balanced earphone amplifier, with simple and smooth arc shape design, fully balanced amplifier circuit design, two-level gain control, two-channel balanced output port and one 6.35mm earphone output port, and four customized low-distortion high-power driver modules. It is a large-drive fully balanced earphone amplifier Mature technology inheritance Continue the well-received Artemis classic headphone amplifier release mature technology, intended to inherit Hi-Fi headphones ideal partner Fully balanced low-distortion amplification circuit frame, innovative multi-stage parallel big drive mode, customized patent large drive module, with large drive and beautiful silver co-existence characteristics Two line input With channel RCA and channel XLR input interface, both single-end and balanced input, one-key switch, convenient access to a variety of input audio sources Convenient to control One-key control switch, core MCU control, control humanization More adaptive Two-level gain control, ideal for driving most earbuds and earphones, with good wide range compatibility and easy handling A pleasing shape Simple and smooth shape designing, let you feel the arc only beauty, design by the British industrial design team joint, with the shape design patent Excellent hardware indicators Excellent index, background noise 4.1uV, distortion 0.0005%, is an important basis for excellent sound quality Correct tuning Natural and musical sense, according to the real instrument and music connotation of understanding to tune, reference and equipment on-site calibration

Correct tuning

Natural and musical sense, according to the real instrument and music connotation of understanding to tune, reference and equipment on-site calibration

Excellent workmanship

Using customized aluminum shell and CNC processing, laser technology, and durable Specification Size:288mm*211mm*63mm

6.35mm Single-ended Output

Frequency Response:(20Hz~80KHz): ±0.1dB

THD+N:<0.0005% @1kHz 32Ω

Maximum Output Power:112mW @300Ω 1050mW @32Ω

SNR: >124dB @600Ω

Channel Separation: XLR Balance Output Frequency Response:(20Hz~80KHz):±0.1dB

THD+N:<0.0005% @1kHz 32Ω

Maximum Output Power:450mW @300Ω

3400mW @32Ω SNR:>126dB @600Ω

Channel Separation:<-105db 1khz="" 600="" p=""> Package Aune S7 Pro Power cable 6.35mm to 3.5mm adapter

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aune s7Pro

aune s7Pro


If you're looking for true audiophile sound quality at a price that wont scare your bank manager then Aune Audio are the brand that has a product just for you, we at Eden Audio demand high sound quality and we feel Aune fulfill the sound quality we strive to attain. With their headphone amplifiers and DAC's you will be astounded at the sound quality these products produce, you'd be mad to miss out especially at the prices Aune manage, you wont go wrong with these beauties, we just love the sound and build quality of Aune Audio.


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