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The new aune jasper earphones offer exceptional clarity and dynamics, with their modern looks and superlative sound quality these really offer something really special, order yours today to discover why aune are so popular at eden audio

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Present to You With Honor Our Philosophy of Acoustics The strictly selected diaphragm, the ultra-low distortion core, the carefully designed chamber... All those efforts were made to present the musicians' feelings and expressions, as they are.

The Chamber Matters The carefully designed chamber helps scatter the internal sound waves end to expand the soundstage with accurate and clear imaging. Don't be shocked if you feel like sitting in a concert hall.

Ultra-linear Symmetric Magnet System The combination of the specially-designed ultra-linear symmetric magnet system and the multigradation diaphragm (MGD) builds the dynamic core with ultra-low distortion, providing the Jasper with constant power.

The Unique Diaphragm (MGD)-like No Other The MGD - multi-gr adation diaphragm, with the materials to die for, has the qualities of high damping, high speed and good rigidity. The unique diaphragm makes it possible to vividly reproduce all kinds of music, even a whisper.

Precise, More Than Precise Starting with the goal of a real-deal reproduction of the original music recording/live scene, the aune acoustics team spent three years on the in-ear monitors' R&D strictly based on the standard acoustics design principles. From the unit's magnet system, suspension, diaphragm, to the very precise chamber, each step is carefully done with the heart and respect to the standard. All those make the Jasper more than just another pair of in-ear monitor . lt' s like a whole concert hall hidden in your ear.

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aune Jasper earphones

aune Jasper earphones


If you're looking for true audiophile sound quality at a price that wont scare your bank manager then Aune Audio are the brand that has a product just for you, we at Eden Audio demand high sound quality and we feel Aune fulfill the sound quality we strive to attain. With their headphone amplifiers and DAC's you will be astounded at the sound quality these products produce, you'd be mad to miss out especially at the prices Aune manage, you wont go wrong with these beauties, we just love the sound and build quality of Aune Audio.


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