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Make your own superb sounding power cables with the MPS M-7MK2 OCC power cable. Please note price is per 50cm

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M-7MK2 uses a composite copper stranded wire design, focusing on the pursuit of a balance in the sound range. The appearance of M-7MK2 is covered and protected by a microfiber woven cotton mesh, and the color is stable and not inactive. The insulating layer uses higher-grade PE as the insulating material, which is a material often used in MPS advanced lines. As a high-end M-series model M-7MK2, of course, it uses single crystal copper as the main conductor. In addition to having very high conductivity, single crystal copper also retains the warm tone of copper and does not resemble the tone of silver wire. Too sharp and rational, in short, it is closer to human nature.

In 2020, MPS will usher in a new design concept, which is to integrate the concepts contained in the traditional Chinese Book of Changes/Yin Yang/He Tu and Luo Shu. This new design can not only bring new and more stable sound range balance and clearer nobility In addition to the sound color, it can also bring a more solid and stable mid-bass performance. This new design concept is referred to as (Helo). M-7MK2 is a power cord designed with the (Holo) concept. Compared with the first-generation sound M-7MK2, it has 30% more stability and clarity, and the cord is soft and easy to use. OD: 16mm

5.1MM² *2+3.7MM²

10AWG *2+12AWG


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